Przełącz na polski

Tradition of the
Świętokrzyskie region ,

is our main source of inspiration
in the kitchen.


ikona menu


We love what we do, so we constantly strive to improve our recipes, their new interpretations and creative presentation of dishes. We search, experiment and discover the richness of new flavours, drawing inspiration from the culinary traditions of our region. We care about the details, because the best dishes are composed of single, perfectly selected ingredients.

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From a connoisseur to a traditionalist, from breakfast to dinner – we offer an entire palette of culinary possibilities. Aromatic coffee, crispy bread, homemade jam, ham straight from the oven for a good day! Then maybe a quick lunch or family dinner with a special menu for children. Szydłowska plum with raisins and honey baked under crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert.
Pure pleasure!

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Oranżeria can be booked for private and corporate events. You can also simply drop by for coffee. You can talk about availability, prices, and the menu directly with our managers at the phone number:

+ 48 41 365 50 04 or send an email to: or check the availability of rooms online in Contact.

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We have extensive experience and knowledge necessary to attend catering events.
We are where you need us.
Catering done by us has one thing in common – masterful performance. The perfect impression comes from a combination of many small details, and we leave nothing to chance.

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Meetings and corporate events

It’s easy to find a reason to celebrate, but it’s much harder to find the appropriate location.
Corporate events require a comprehensive approach to the subject, going far beyond the food and service.
Catering, decorations, technology and above all time are of great importance here.

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At the beginning there are many questions and doubts. Right?
What should I do? Will everything go according to plan? Will the guests be pleased?
We understand these concerns and have answers to your questions.

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Family celebrations

Treat your guests like friends – this is number 1 in our system of values.
We are convinced that the most memorable moments are those spent with loved ones.
Family celebrations and private events are a test of our work, because we want to make the time special when you sit down together at the table.

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Local suppliers

The perfect product guarantees the richness of flavour. This is why we choose our suppliers carefully.
We work closely and support local farms and businesses. Our partners are real enthusiasts who love what they do.
Meet our local jewels.

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Culinary academy

The growing interest in culinary arts and the need to improve skills have caused that we have started work on creating a special programme of culinary courses. Under the supervision of our kitchen Chef and invited guests, both enthusiasts of cooking and those taking their first steps in the kitchen will be able to indulge in culinary passion.
We are also working on a special offer for businesses.
We want the courses and events organized at our Academy to be exceptional.
We believe that cooking together facilitates communication and fosters good relationships.

We will provide more details soon